What is Best Doctors®?

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If your hospital consultant gives you a diagnosis, you may want a second opinion. You can do this in the Netherlands, or if you are insured with CZ, you can also decide to send your medical records to a top specialist abroad.

You don't have to visit that consultant yourself. The consultant will examine your existing test results and form an opinion. You will receive the second opinion in Dutch or perhaps in English. The advice may agree with what your own consultant told you, but it may also differ. You and your own consultant must then decide what to do with the advice.

What do you gain?

The opinion of a second consultant about a diagnosis or proposed treatment from your own consultant may add information or reassure you. The partnership between CZ and Best Doctors® doesn't mean that CZ or the insured who make use of the service have doubts about the opinion of Dutch consultants.

More certainty

Patients often feel more sure that all the options have been looked at in relation to a treatment or diagnosis: is an operation really necessary, are there other treatment methods, is the diagnosis correct? A second opinion can provide new insight for the patient and the consultant, or confirmation that a diagnosis and the treatment plan are correct.

Using Best Doctors®?

For a second opinion from Best Doctors®, you need to have a CZ general insurance ‘CZ Zorg-op-maatpolis’ or ‘CZ Zorgkeuzepolis’.
You must also have had an MRI scan or X-ray taken by your first consultant. These can then be viewed by the international doctor.

A second opinion from Best Doctors falls under the deductible. If the total costs are higher than the deductible, you will have the remainder for the second opinion reimbursed. The deductible applies to insured persons from 18 years of age.

If you're not sure whether you can use Best Doctors®, call the CZ Care Service on (013) 594 91 10.

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